Phoenix guarantees that with every Phoenix Support Package your business will receive:
  • Priority On-Site/After Hours Repairs and Service
  • 9am to 5:30pm Personal Phone Support
  • Out Of Hours Support Call Back
  • Regular client manager
  • Supply of software updates for Medicare Australia /PBS Drug file /Sigma/Symbion/ API stock file
  • Sourcing and supply of compatible non-Phoenix software including Microsoft products
  • Person to Person Service

While most software companies can provide your business with more capacity than you may know what to do with, Phoenix provides the capability to use it. Technicians, programmers and systems designers who can talk in plain English and attend to your needs promptly, and at a personal level.

The Phoenix Support Package also enables you to budget for IT support on an annual basis and to build up a relationship with a skilled technician who will be familiar with your business. That means you're more likely to solve small problems as they happen and prevent 'major' dramas. It will also allow us to develop a long-term view of your business and suggest small changes that could lead to greater efficiencies.